A study on roof-top gardens for well-being of healthcare workers

A study on roof-top gardens for well-being of healthcare workers
発表者/presenter’s name:〇Toshiki Uehara 1,Naomi Shimpo 2
所属/Affiliation:1 Graduate School, University of Hyogo,2 Graduate School, Tohoku University


The work of various healthcare workers in Japan today is an interpersonal service for patients, with each staff taking an important role. In relation to their work, healthcare workers are in a high-stress occupation. Therefore, the mental health of healthcare workers has become a problem, and stress reduction measures are required in hospitals to support well-being of such workers. Previous studies have shown the stress-relieving effects of nature and the therapeutic effects of horticultural therapy as stress-coping strategies. However, most of the studies have focused on patients. It is necessary to investigate the current status and recognition of healthcare workers regarding their contact with nature.

Rooftop gardens are a place where healthcare workers can feel the presence of nature on a daily basis. Rooftops are easily accessible and sometimes open only to the staff. Such places where healthcare workers can take a rest away from their work should heal them in their busy days. In this study, we conducted a questionnaire survey to healthcare workers working in acute-care hospitals with rooftop gardens in Hyogo Prefecture regarding their use of the gardens and their recognition of nature. In addition, a field survey was conducted on spatial features and plant species at hospitals where rooftop gardens were used only by healthcare workers. The tentative results and future research tasks will be presented in this poster presentation.

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