Design for Inheritance of History and Culture in Historic Site Planning

発表者/presenter’s name:〇Gaku Yahagi 1,Jun Wang  2
所属/Affiliation:1 Japan Cultural Heritage Consultancy / Graduate School , Chiba University,2 Japan Cultural Heritage Consultancy

Historic site maintenance project is the preservation and utilization of the ruins. It is important to ensure that the remains are properly protected, and the historical information is accurately conveyed. On the other hand, from the view of landscape design, historic site could also be recognized as a type of historical and cultural space, so we attempt to make a study of design method in the historic site maintenance project which is from the viewpoint in landscape design. The study is composed by 3 parts in this post presentation.
The proposition of the analysis method of design:
Information on the history of the space which is the target of the design, is always superimposed. We could divide it into two parts, the Foreground information (currently extant information) and the Background information (not extant historical period information).
We proposed that it is necessary to organize and analyze the background information, and it is important that the results are well connected to the foreground information. Due to the different combination situations, the identity and uniqueness of the design could be established.
The evaluation of analysis method of design in case studies:
By using this method to analyzing of the foreground and background of several accomplished historic site maintenance projects, the varies characteristics are vitrificated. By this result, we considerate that the analysis method is properly and which is useful for well understanding and learning the design experience from the accomplished projects.
The application of the analysis method of design in concept design:
In addition, we create a fictional project to make a concept design. By the drawings and images, we try to show our concept of how to use this method in the real design works.

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