Evaluation of Comfortable to Walk in Shared Space

Evaluation of Comfortable to Walk in Shared Space
発表者/presenter’s name:〇Shonosuke Kajita 1,Kazunari Tanaka 2
所属/Affiliation:1 Graduate School, Osaka Institute of Technology, 2 Osaka Institute of Technology

Shared Space is a street where vehicles and pedestrians coexist. On this street, there is no boundary between the roadway and sidewalk, and there are no signs or traffic signals, in which pedestrians and vehicles pass through. This system makes this street a space where users are attentive each other. This approach has the advantage of being safer and more comfortable than other community streets, it also leads to urban revitalization. If the method to design the street can be realized, it will help revitalize districts in residential and commercial areas and entrance spaces to parks, it is thought that good connections between districts within a city can be made such as the connection between districts in residential and parks.
The primary purpose of Shared Space is safety, and there is a credible effectiveness, but it also aims to increase pedestrian comfort. In this study, we focused on pedestrian comfort and verified the effectiveness of Shared Space. The research method is to investigate the usage rate and the actual conditions of pedestrian in Shared Space. The survey was conducted on the same street in a residential area in Vienna, comparing Shared Space with a regular street. The results showed that Shared Space is used more by pedestrians and that they walk more freely, crossing the street diagonally or walking in the center. Based on the obtained results, we will analyze the characteristics of Shared Space and clarify the effectiveness of Shared Space in terms of pedestrian comfort.

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