Urban District Communities Based on Small Animal Activity in Athens

Urban District Communities Based on Small Animal Activity in Athens
発表者/presenter’s name:〇Akane Harada 1,Kazunari Tanaka 2
所属/Affiliation:1 Graduate School, Osaka Institute of Technology,2 Osaka Institute of Technology

In urban life, the presence of pets and other animals not only relieves social stress, but also provides an opportunity to consider the global environment on a more personal level. On the other hand, one urban social problem is that the number of people keeping pets has increased, which in turn has increased the number of pets that are abandoned.
Among these, the number of cats kept has increased to the point where it exceeds the number of pet dogs, causing an influx of cats without owners. While some people like cats and others do not, there are many complaints about damage caused by faeces, neighbourhood trouble and ownerless cats, which are all seen as problems. This is true not only in Japan but also in other countries, and countermeasures are being tried and tested. In previous studies, questionnaires and surveys of cat behaviour were conducted in areas where local cat activities are carried out and in areas where they are not, and the data was analysed using GIS to see whether there is a relationship between the cat’s behavioural range and the damage it causes. As a result, it was found that the development of a community in the town as a whole may be linked to the degree to which cats get along with each other and also with people. The target city for this study was Athens, Greece, where on-site observations and interviews were conducted with local animal welfare organisations, and questionnaires on the value of small animals were sent out in urban areas in both Japan and Greece. The results show that obtaining a direct understanding of the diversity of small animals by looking at the status of these animals and the urban environment they live in may be necessary for the development of good communities.

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