Unveiling Urban Park Accessibility Patterns in Second-tier Provincial Capitals in China

Unveiling Urban Park Accessibility Patterns in Second-tier Provincial Capitals in China
発表者/presenter’s name:〇Mengqi LIU 1,Toru TERADA 1
所属/Affiliation:1 Graduate School of Frontier Science, The University of Tokyo

In China’s rapidly urbanizing landscape, implementing green policies that prioritize establishing green amenities is vital to promoting the urban environment. Urban parks could provide environmental benefits to the cities and improve people’s physical and mental well-being at the same time. Meanwhile, parks are amenities that enhance the appeal of a residential community. Properties located closer to parks may command higher prices due to the added value of better accessibility to green spaces. Higher property prices in proximity to parks can exacerbate housing affordability issues and may result in social equity concerns. Hence, addressing disparities in park accessibility and property prices is essential for fostering more inclusive and equitable communities. Considering the investment flow, population density, and other socio-economic factors, second-tier provincial capitals in China appropriately represent the general trend for China’s urban development. This study presents a spatial analysis of urban park accessibility in second-tier provincial capitals using isochrones while investigating how it relates to housing prices. By assessing the geographical distribution of parks and their proximity to the residential areas, examining the relationship between accessibility and property value, and identifying potential social equity issues, this research allows a comprehensive evaluation of how park accessibility varies within a city and among the cities based on city characteristics and urban greening policies. Understanding and addressing accessibility to parks in different cities is essential for promoting social equity and ensuring that the benefits of green spaces are accessible to all residents. By investigating accessibility to parks in second-tier provincial capitals in China, this research aims to help identify disparities, work towards inclusive solutions, and contribute to cities’ overall sustainability and livability.

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