Comparative Analysis of Image Generative AI Technology for Landscape Architecture: Focus on East Asia Garden

Comparative Analysis of Image Generative AI Technology for Landscape Architecture: Focus on East Asia Garden
発表者/presenter’s name:〇Yoori Jang 1,Hyeyul Kim 1,Youngmin Kim 1
所属/Affiliation:1 Department of Landscape Architecture, University of Seoul, South Korea


As the craze for Chat GPT begins to grow, there is an explosive interest in generative Al around the world. As interactive artificial intelligence continues to grow, image-generating Al also becomes a growing issue as well. Image-generating Al is artificial intelligence that uses advanced machine learning algorithms to generate images. Midjourney, an Image-generating Al company, developed an image that became a hot-issue when it won the first place prize at an art competition, truly opening the doors for artificial intelligence to become an innovation within various creative fields such as culture, art, and education.

While research on image generation Al in the landscape architecture is insufficient, current research not only confirms the possibility of using artificial intelligence-based landscaping in the future and understand problems facing society, but also examines the relationship between artificial intelligence and creation in the design and idea process.

The purpose of this study is to sort Prompt by specialized Landscape Architecture factors and to determine if the image is applied, using Image Generative AI. Based on the study, comparative analysis on each Generative AI platform’s feature can be done.

We selected 4 realistic and detailed image generation Al platforms (Midjourney , DALL·E2, Dream Studio, Adobe Firefly) to repeatedly enter the same topic by setting the topic. By conducting a comparative analysis on the images generated across different platforms to see if they contain prompt components, we can identify the elements of the prompt that the images reflect. Furthermore, we can distinguish the characteristics of the platform based on the images.

The theme of the image generated using Generative AI is the traditional garden of East Asia, Korea, China and Japan. The three countries of East Asia Korea, China, and Japan, have developed their own unique culture with geographical proximity. The development of these unique cultures in East Asia can be attributed to the regional isolation from other cultures and active cultural exchanges within the regions. The study demonstrates what the Korean garden is and how its traditional elements are different from those of China and Japan through the image results of Al generated based on data.

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