Perception of Country Park Landscape in Wuhan City Based on Online Texts–A Case Study of Mulan Great Lake

Perception of Country Park Landscape in Wuhan City Based on Online Texts–A Case Study of Mulan Great Lake
発表者/presenter’s name:〇Yilei Wang 1
所属/Affiliation:1 Department of Landscape Architecture, Huazhong Agricultural University


Under the background of integrated urban-rural development, urban planning and construction have shifted from focusing solely on cities to coordinating development between urban and rural areas. Green spaces have also evolved from being solely within cities to synergizing between urban and rural areas. Traditional on-site surveys are commonly used in both domestic and foreign landscape perception studies. However, traditional methods are often limited by time, space, and sample size. In the internet era, web-based data provides new possibilities for researching public landscape perceptions. Online comment data offers a large volume of information with a mix of text and images, providing a relatively objective and authentic view. It includes both objective descriptions and subjective feelings, making it possible to overcome the constraints of time and quantity inherent in questionnaire surveys. The final conclusions are as follows:1. Mulan Great Lake, one of the first few country parks in Wuhan, provides a green space for residents, and its usage is generally on the rise. Consider allowing natural resources to recuperate during the winter season when use is less intense. 2. Users’ perceptions of the landscape of Mulan Great Lake revolve around recreation as well as natural resources, with weaker perceptions of cultural elements. Cultural elements should be strengthened in the future. 3. Neutral perceptions of Mulan Great Lake have been trending upwards. As can be seen from the comments, some users feel that the park has become progressively more commercialised and has lost its original character. 4. Almost all activities in the perceptual network are recreational activities that rely on the natural environment. The functions demonstrated are relatively homogeneous, and as urban country parks, they should be more multifunctional to maximise their benefits.

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